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Welcome - Jenny McCormick, Movers&Shakers


Welcome to country - Uncle Tamaru, Proud Kaurna man


Keynote address

The journey of The Things Network to fulfill the promise of LoRaWAN

Johan Stokking - CTO, The Things Network Netherlands


Keynote address

Collaborating for Impact - Regional IoT Case Study: Clever Weather Bendigo

Chris Rowlands - Innovation Officer, City of Greater Bendigo
Simon Egerton - Deputy Head, Department of Computer Science and Information Technology, La Trobe University

As we head into another summer down under hear from Chris and Simon about Bendigo’s Clever Weather project. The project is using Bendigo’s iteration of The Things Network to map temperature, pressure and humidity at a granular scale across urban Bendigo with the community. In this presentation you will hear how the project came about, why it’s important and take away the key learnings to apply in your own projects.


Morning tea


Smart cities stream

It's not rocket science

Flavia Tata Nardini - CEO, Fleet Australia

Flavia will be presenting an industrial Iot customer example that can be translated into other industries.

Tech stream

Experiences from large rollouts

Andrew Maggio - Founder and Director of Technology and Operations, Meshed

Andrew will present some valuable insights from the long term management of large scale LoRaWAN projects.


Smart cities stream

The integrated data landscape

Dale Rankine - CEO and co-founder, Reekoh

Business technology leaders today face an increasingly fragmented data landscape. In particular, the Internet of Things represents huge opportunities in data-driven situational awareness of business/customer operations.

Tech stream

How to develop your TTN IoT application in seconds

Adamson dela Cruz - CTO and Co-Founder, IOT NINJA

An IoT application has a lot of moving parts. Hence, developing an IoT application involves a good handle on its different aspects to it such as Network Configuration, Device Configuration, Gateway configuration, Infrastructure Management, and Application.


Lunch & Expo


Education stream

Applying the Internet of Things to education

Jenny McCormick - Director, Movers&Shakers

Educators are invited to join Jenny to explore ways in which The Things Network technology can be applied in educational settings to enhance teaching, learning and assessment experiences for learners. This interactive workshop will be conducted using the Conversation Café methodology. Come prepared with a beverage and ideas/insights to share!


Smart cities stream

Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, IoT and the Public Sector experience

Ben Thurgood - Lead, Public Sector Solutions Architecture team, Amazon AU

With a background in computer science and software engineering, Ben brings over 20 years of experience, providing technical leadership in financial services, telcos, utilities, government, research institutions, and startups. He and his team advise Public Sector customers on how to achieve their desired business results using the breadth and depth of the AWS platform.

Tech stream

LoRaWAN details exposed - joining, channel plans and adaptive data rate

Brian Danilko - Likeable Software

This tutorial looks at details of 3, often misunderstood, areas of LoRAWAN, and shows the data traffic between nodes and gateways, to better understand the whole process.
It covers the following areas: the two methods of joining –and what keys are exchanged; the AU915 and AS923 data plans and how they work; and the insides of Adaptive Data Rate.


Smart cities stream

Converting from initiative to business. A story from Microclimate Senstick

Dr. Tomaž Šuklje - CEO, SenseEdge

It has been a year since we started as microclimate.network initiative. Our first sensors, microclimate.node, were innovative in engineering but not so great in practice. Since our start, we have received inquiries across industries. That lead us to redesign the sensors completely and we named it Senstick. We are now building first use cases with our partners across the globe and are receiving first reports from the field, where our sensors are installed. We will present our scale-up from the initiative to solid use- and business cases and at the same time staying true to our roots – sustainability. Conclusively, the keynote focuses on sharing our experience, findings and vision of employing new business models to help IoT cases and community grow into businesses.

Tech stream

What I learned from rolling out my network

Tony Smith - CEO, Joto Systems

Tony will review the real life experience of installing 12 nodes and several gateways, and consider the future developments required before this can be accomplished by a non-technical customer with a site visit.


Smart city stream

Who is driving the bus? pt1

Rhys Moult - Moderator

Ben Thurgood - Lead, Public Sector Solutions Architecture team, Amazon AU
Simon Blyth - LX Group
Chris Rowlands - Innovation Officer, City of Greater Bendigo

Who is driving your IoT programme?

Tech stream

Simplify LoRaWAN® end-node designs with SAM R34/35

Tom Bianchi - Regional Manager, Microchip Technology Australia

Designing LoRaWAN end-nodes can be challenging. System integration, power consumption optimization, secure provisioning, RF design and certifications not only require in-depth expertise, but also add significant development time for designers. Microchip’s ultra-low power SAM R34/35 family along with its all-inclusive development environment — including an ultra-low power, high-performance 32-bit microcontroller (MCU), LoRa transceiver and software stack — helps overcome these challenges and accelerate the development of remote IoT nodes.  With certified reference designs, and proven interoperability with major LoRaWAN gateway and network providers, the SAM R34/35 devices significantly reduce time to market for Internet of Things (IoT) designs.


Afternoon tea


Smart cities stream

Who is driving this bus? pt2

Rhys Moult - Moderator

Daniel Adams - Business and Innovation Analyst, City of Prospect
Paul McManus - Co-founder and GM IoT Solutions, Meshed
Ella Winnall - Economic Development Advisor, District Council of Loxton Waikerie

Who is driving your IoT programme?

Tech stream

How smart can an edge device be?

Nathaniel Mason - Moderator

Massimo Sacchi - Business Developer, Arduino AG
Ken Everett - CEO and Founder, Digital Matter
Mohamed Khalil - Innovation Lead, The Platform
Simon Egerton - Deputy Head, Department of Computer Science and Information Technology with La Trobe University

More and more low power AI capable devices are coming to market, and the prices are falling. There are good reasons to deploy edges, and good reasons not to. A hybrid solution is probably the answer.


Closing panel

Hypothetical: Data driven infrastructure, The Virtual Dam

Johm Ruciak - Moderator

Dr. Michael Di Matteo - The University of Adelade
Fay Patterson - Councillor, West Norwood/Kent Town ward, City of Norwood Payneham St Peters
Leo Gaggl - Managing Director, Opensensing

Every network engineer knows you need to design for peak capacity. What if we could build a distributed buffer into the storm water network?


Closing remarks


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